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Random #35 ehk La Liga is Back !

Inglise keeles on sellepärast, et te võite vabalt seda ignoreerida, sest see pole oluline. Teile. Mulle on.

Okay, you may ignore this post for now on.

Since I have nothing to tell you I’m only gonna say that My Babies Are Back !! Yes yes, I’m talking about Real Madrid and the beginning of La Liga. I’ve been waiting for that all freaking summer and now it’s finally here.

Oh. Today’s game was bad, tho. Gonzalo’s goal was amazing, as usually, but everything else was just a disaster. All these injuries and stuff. Oh. Made me cry. Hope Pepe and Iker are okay.

But it was the first game, so no reason to worry. Love them so much !

Okay, see you on the next Sunday when is the Match Day 2. But before that is Thursday when is the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid – for Spanish Super Cup. Won’t see that, tho, because I’m on my way to Estonia then.

Hala Madrid !


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