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Day #42

Today was crazy day !

In the morning, host mom was home so it was okay for me. Then she took Steven and Michael to Disneyland. They had day off. 

I started to do laundry. Daniella slept. 

And I got the postcard from Estonia by Katja. Thank you !! I’m so happy ! It’s so beautiful !!

Then was the time to pick up boys from school. I love driving !

They were crazy when we get back home. Today was first day when I didn’t allow them to watch TV or play video games. Host mom said so and I can’t do anything. And it was crazy !! Lucas attacked Nico. He screamed and beat him. And he didn’t stop. I held on to him and he still screamed. Then he locked himself in his room. He was upset because I didn’t allow him to play on computer and thought that everybody else can play. When he finally stopped I was really glad.

And Nico was upset because he couldn’t print his homework and then he had trouble with maths. And even Matthew asked me what mean like ‘stray’ and some other words. Yeah, sure I knew. I had these words never seen. God bless Google Translate ! 

Then I took Matthew to soccer practice. Today he’s not crying about that ! Like Wow ! 

Oh, I’m tired now. Hope tomorrow is better 🙂 But still no TV, WII or Video games so I know that gonna be hard ! 
We have BIG box of K-Cups. My favorite ones !

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